Domain Names

The Italian Industrial Property Law recognizes the domain name as a distinctive sign and as one of the cases of lack of novelty of a trademark (art 12 CPI). The choice of your own web address as well as the subsequent protection needs top level professional assistance in order to prevent possible interferences with other registered signs and to promptly react to recover domain names illegitimately registered by third parties.

The continuous and rapid development of internet, the related interference between distinctive signs, and the new counterfeit cases which rise and grow up on the “global market” are not often preventable.

The law currently in force does not regulate all the issues connected with a domain name protection and with the possible interference between a domain name and a trademark. Therefore, it is crucial to be professionally advised when registering a domain name, when recovering it in case of illegitimate registration, and in all the cases of trademark protection for illegal use of the same on internet.

Cantaluppi & Partners with its experts can offer services for the protection of Intellectual Property Rights on Internet and for struggling on-line counterfeits, such as:

- analysis of the domain name and check of the registration requirements;
- registration, renewal and transfer of domain names:
- professional assistance for recovering domain names and for the cancellation of infringing registered domain names;
- surveillance and monitoring of domain names;
- checking and signaling online sale of counterfeited products and/or non-authorized use of distinctive signs for a prompt action.

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