Besides having a fundamental role as indicators of origin of a good or service, trademarks are often one of the most relevant assets of a company, and they can even become the most valuable ones.

Cantaluppi & Partners offers a wide range of services concerning trademarks, also through a network of associates all over the world.
Our assistance when choosing the denomination and/or logo to be filed, allows our clients to avoid mistakes, which could lead to negative consequences when substantial financial efforts have already been made.

Through trademark searches it is possible to identify the existence of third parties’ prior rights that could constitute a basis for an opposition or lawsuit. This tool can help preventing damages, often of significant proportions, deriving, for instance, from the loss of investments dedicated to the promotion of the goods/services to which the trademark refers.
The elaboration of the filing strategy, particularly as regards the list of the goods and services to claim, is of key importance from several points of view, including the reduction of future litigation risks. Our assistance during the “prosecution” phase, i.e. the phase after the filing through the registration of the sign, helps our clients deal efficiently with potential objections raised by the Examiners, and oppositions of third parties.

The registration of a trademark is a crucial moment for any business, and that is why we are there to support our clients’ future success.

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