Watching Service

Trademark watching is a key factor for your effective trademark portfolio enforcement and management. It’s an essential tool in order to detect and immediately stop the registration of possible conflicting trademarks, with the aim of protecting the value of IP portfolios also from dilution risks. Available u-to-date data warehouses allow to worldwide monitor the filing and registration of possible conflicting trademarks, both from a verbal and graphical perspective at competitive prices.

Immediately getting the technological and patent progress is a key tool for the development of your firm. A steady monitoring of the state of the art allows to understand in which direction research is moving forward and on which projects competitors are investing in, avoiding waste of resource in already developed projects, together with reducing the risk of infringing third party’s patent rights. Cantaluppi & Partners has the most advanced watching tools in order to monitor the competitors patent activity and the evolution of pre-determined technological fields. Thanks to up-to-date patents data warehouse our client are immediately informed when new patent documents referred to the relevant technological area are published.

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